Thursday, June 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend with Friends, Old and New (this one is overdue)

               When we first started planning this trip, in what now seems like a former life, one of the most exciting things for me to think about was having family and friends visit us on the boat, wherever we were. As planning went forward, we started to realize how hard it would be to plan visits. Dear friends told us they wanted to come see us for Spring Break, where would we be? Well, we couldn't answer that question, and if you are flying from New York to anywhere warm for Spring Break, you don't want to purchase your tickets at the last minute, if you can get them at all. I mean we are good friends, but I didn't want to send anyone into bankruptcy for a visit.

               As it turned out, with the way this adventure has played out, it was good that nobody bought tickets to meet us in The Islands at a certain time. We never made it there! And although I am sure a mid-winter or spring vacation in the Islands would have been wonderful without us there, I like to think it would have been just a little disappointing for them.

               This is not to say we did not see friends, and when we did, it was great. I think I have written before that as much fun as we have had, and new experiences, and meeting new people, the hardest thing about this trip has been missing our friends. So whenever we had the chance to visit, we took it. Sometimes spending a few hours in the car, just to spend a day with those we had left in NY.

               When we came back to the boat, here in Annapolis, that put us much closer to our home in Albany, and we knew we were staying put, until we head north to rejoin reality. So we, finally had our first visitors to stay with us on FORTUITOUS! The Allen family came to visit over the Memorial Day weekend, and it was a blast! There couldn't have been a more perfect weather window (okay, our heavy boat could have used a few more knots of wind for the sailing), it was sunny, and in the high 70's, and even the water in the bay was warm enough for swimming (the kids, not the adults)!

               Saturday after they arrived, we unplugged the boat, and took her out into the Chesapeake, we sailed to an anchorage just north of Herring Bay, the Rhode River, where we had anchored once before. It was a beautiful day, and an easy sail up there. We got in early, and that was good, because the anchorage was filling with boats. Later that evening we were joined by the owner of Endeavor, the boat we help race, Steve and his wife Beth. We rafted up, tying their boat to ours, and had a proper dinner party, with lots of visiting and fun.

               There was swimming, paddle boarding, dinghy-ing, and playing on a sand bar lots of food and Beverages were consumed, and we all slept well "on the hook" in a calm anchorage under a beautiful moon. The kids were beside themselves with excitement at all there was to do, and all the catching up from so many months apart.

               The next day, Steve and Beth headed off on Endeavor, and we eventually brought up the anchor, heading back closer to our dock. Though we anchored another night, just outside marina, enjoying the gentle rocking you get while on the hook, in a protected bay, in calm. Though we wanted to be close, so we wouldn't be rushed the next morning to get back in time for the Allen's to make their drive home.  There was time for more swimming, paddle boarding, dinghy rides, and checking out the local beach. Then we had to pack it all up, and raise the anchor once again, this time heading toward another goodbye.

               It was a wonderful time, and we all appreciate them making the trip (I do not envy the holiday traffic), and it was hard to say goodbye. I know we will be back soon enough, and see them, and so many others we have missed over this last year, but sometimes it is hard to bridge the gap. I guess until then, perusing photos will have to suffice.


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