Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Recap, Overdue

     Since our return from south Florida, we have kept busy on FORTUITOUS, and in our new Marina. Where we are now, there are a lot more people, social events, and fun to be had. There are bikes and kayaks the family can use, and even other families living aboard, which makes everything more fun!

     Mother's Day was a good time, the girls made me a yummy chocolate croissant to go with my coffee for breakfast. Then we got the boat ready, because we were heading out in the next day. We unplugged the boat, and sailed her up to the Rhode River, where we anchored out for the night. It was a pleasant spot, and we had fun with the sails, and sleeping on the hook. It is so peaceful (where there aren't storms in the area). And the moon was amazing!

Not a bad place to study, as long as the wind doesn't bother you!

There was a group of high school students on a sailing field trip, so Janele decided to row over and say hello!

The moon put on a lovely show for us over the Rhode River.

You can see the concentration...

Our return to Herring Bay was cool and chilly, but we still got to put out the sails and have fun.
After we returned, we decided to try our hands at racing. The local sailing association holds races every Wednesday night. We found a boat in need of crew, and willing to take on a family of 4. So we have started racing each week on Endeavor. It has been interesting to learn, and I am pretty sure we are getting better each time we race. Although, we are all a bit more colorful, due to bruises from climbing all over the boat and around each other. Fun!

The Fowler's with the gracious Captain Steve Howard, after completing our first race on Endeavor. We must have been alright, as he asked us back for more!
The colors in this sunset are a much better sight than the colors of all the bruises I have acquitted. Though I will say they have been worth it, it is a fun time to be racing. More on that later.

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