Sunday, April 27, 2014

School Work? Naaaahhhh

We were headed to the library today, to use the WiFi and do some research for school projects. While en route, we got stuck in boat show traffic, and stumbled onto the Maryland Ave. Spring Festival. We found parking and have been exploring.

This reminds me a lot of the Art on Lark festival in the spring. We found neato clothes, jewelry by local artists, and a new, yummy cheese dip. Score!

All in all, I think it is a way better way to spend this gorgeous spring day in Annapolis!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fun With Knives

We're back on the boat, and slowly de-winterizing (surely this freeze is the last?) It is a good thing the heater works!

Today's job is removing the shrinkwrap, that kept all that snow off the boat while we were enjoying sunny Florida. When I asked the girls how it felt (they're doing a great job), one replied, "cold", the other, "boat-ey". Those are my girls!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Back on the boat. Lots of organizing today, and recomissioning systems. It kinda feels like we moved back home. I wasn't expecting that.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Road Trip!

We left South Florida on Wednesday. It was the easiest move out of a house to date, and probably the last time it will be easy. Tuesday evening we organized everything into piles: car; boat; and storage. We got up early Wednesday, spent about 2 hours loading everything into our car, with the carrier on top, and a trailer on the back. We even had a little room to spare!

We cleaned the house, and said our last goodbyes, for now, to Royal Palm Beach. It was a great place to spend the winter, and I think we made the.most of our time there. It was time now to work our way back toward the boat in Annapolis.

Our first stop was in Tallahassee, where we could visit with the Zurko's and thank them for their incredible friendship and generosity in our use of the cabin and then the house. I don't know where we would have been if we hadn't had those opportunities. And it was great to see them again, and recount so many of our adventures with the house in Royal Palm as our home base.

From there we continued north to Birmingham, where my parents and some brothers live. It was great to see everyone, and the kids had such a great time visiting with all of their younger cousins (6 of them are in Birmingham). Over the next several months, as we round out this experience and navigate our way back into a more settled existence, I have no idea when we will be where, let alone what we will be doing over the coming months. So it was nice to get in one more visit when we could.

Now we're on the final leg to Annapolis, and it is a loooong one. We'll arrive probably around 10 this evening, sleep in a motel, and get up early tomorrow so we can get to the boat. There is a lot to do, as she's still winterized. We need to get her systems up and running, as water and the ability to use the heads (toilets) are top on my list when living on a boat.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Our Last Dive in FL: photos!

We are preparing to head back north, to our boat in Annapolis. Before we do that, though, we wanted to get in one last dive at the Blue Heron Bridge here. It was a beautiful day. The water was warm, there was lots of sea life tooling around, the sun was out, and visibility was good. Also, we remembered to bring our underwater camera. Thia volunteered to be our photographer, below are some of the better shots she got. In some, it looks like a photo of sand, but can you find the camouflaged creature? Some were better at it than others.

Sea star!

Lots of fish!

Mary Beth

Can you find the flounder? It is not at the bottom of the photo.

Thia said this guy kept following her camera, he was ready for his close-up.


This conch left a trail.

Large boulders, teeming with sea life.

I can't remember if there is anything hidden in this one. Do you see anything?

Let me take a selfie!

A fat sea star.

Lots of dive flags = lots of divers.

Some of the not-so-camouflaged creatures. Time to get out the identification resources.


A sunken boat, in its second life as a home for sea creatures.

Under the bridge, it got a little spooky.

Bait fish.

Mary Beth under the bridge.

A sunken sail boat, under the bridge.

Taking a surface break to check in with everyone, and monitor our air.

Do you see the jellyfish? No stings on these, they were just weird blobs.

Right by that elbow is a creature that looks like a floating sand blob.

MB and Fowler sharing air on the way back to shore.

The conch inside the shell. Notice how bright the colors underneath are, on top, it looks like a lump of sand!

This creature was leaving a trail of his own.

Camouflage level 4.